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Let’s dance together

5Rhythms Classes

Ease, Release & Have Fun

With the guidance of 5Rhythms® Waves, Marjolein will lead you into a dance journey to relax, reconnect and release what no longer serves you. Freedom to Be is welcomed and encouraged. No experience needed.. just a willingness to move.
Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Dance from wherever you are

A convenient way to fit a regular dance practice into your life. Feel comfortable dancing on your own, in your own space, at your own pace. Or bring it to a group!
With 5Rhythms movement practise there are no steps to follow, no mistakes to make, no experience needed.
All are welcome.

5Rhythms Online

Sacred Dance Classes

Connect with your essence

Sacred Dance is a great way to connect with self and a group.
We dance to inspirational music from around the world with steps that are easy to follow. Repetition of steps and movement allows the body and mind to come into the present and relax.

All are welcome from 14 yrs up.
Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Team work takes following, listening and leadership.

Looking for an creative and fun workshop for your business team?

DIDANSA offers a special Team Building Workshop to help you and your team better connect with one another in a non-verbal, active and playful way.

Great idea for Team Building Days!

Sacred Dance For Businesses


Take a dive into the expressive world of your moving body.

Explore creativity, by yourself and in relationship with others.
A longer timeframe allows you to unwind and release deeper into dance and arts practise.
Find your passion and strengthen your skills.

Workshops can be combined with other disciplines and teachers.

Try it – Do it – Love it

Stepping back from daily life, retreats give you the space to focus on yourself. Give yourself time to rest, meditate, reflect, connect and letting creativity come. A time to do the things you love.

Multiple disciplines will be offered for a deeply enriching experience.



Want to learn more about 5Rhythms® or Sacred Circle Dance?

Programs will be in a (closed) group setting, and will give you time to learn about a theme, like one of the 5Rhythms®. A regular weekly or monthly session helps to commit to your learning process and to foster community.

Like to receive individual support and guidance?

Want to dance but don’t know what to do? Want to feel more at ease with the way you move? These sessions can be tailor-made for you. Give yourself the time that you need.

We’ll start with a 30min Take-in to assess your needs and possibilities, to discuss what I can offer you and what you can expect in your sessions.

These private classes can be in person at my Home Studio or online via Zoom.
Please contact me for further information.

1 : 1 Session


Play & dance with the elements of nature

Dancing outside is nourishing, freeing and fun! Connect with self, others and nature dancing barefoot on the grass or on the beach.

These classes can be 5Rhythms® or Sacred Circle Dance events organised on a private property. Try a Silent Disco!

Everybody needs conscious movement and connection.

Dance is essential when getting older or being lesser abled. What does a workshop Dance in Health Care entail? Why is Dance and movement so important in healthcare? These specialist classes can be requested by Healthcare Organizations.

Dance in Healthcare

Dance & Arts

Love to be creative in dance and art?

Drawing, painting and sculpting in movement with music and dance compliment each other in stimulating the creative process. Improve your ability to express yourself in different creative ways.

These workshops will combine multiple disciplines and/or teachers. No experience needed, just a willingness to move and be curious!

Looking for a gift that moves you?

Surprise your friend, partner, parent or colleagues with a dance. Bring yourself along & share the fun.

DIDANSA Gift Cards can be used for classes, workshops and 1:1 sessions.

Available from $20 up.

Gift Cards