Preparing for dance

What do I wear?
  • Please bring or wear comfortable, flexible clothing to move and sweat in, layers work really well.
  • Changing space and toilets are available at the venues. For our safety the venue will be locked from the outside when the class starts.
  • We encourage you to dance in bare feet as it will give you grip on the floor, allowing your body to sense and release through the ground. And you’ll receive a massage from the floor for free.
  • If shoe support is needed, please bring clean, indoor shoes without heighted heels.
I feel unwell. What should I do?

Taking full responsibility for your own health is of great value within the dance.

Please take care of yourself and do not come to an event when you have a cold, the sniffles, a cough, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you’ve already booked a ticket, please inform Marjolein before the event.

I have an injury. Can I still come to an event?
Yes, absolutely. Especially with an injury it’s important to keep moving and connect with the injured part of the body.
Please let Marjolein know before the event starts, so we can discuss your needs. You can text or call Marjolein on 0475032450. In every event chairs are on the dancefloor to sit & dance on or you can bring what you need to support yourself. The venues are wheelchair friendly.
Do I need dance experience to join a class?
No dance experience needed, just a willingness to be moved and to be curious. Come as you are. Everyone can dance at their own pace.
What happens in a typical class?
Mostly we’ll start with a gentle warm-up to connect and get familiar with the dance space, which can be guided by Marjolein. After the warm-up there’s a welcome with a simple explanation about what the class is about. Then it is time for your own dance exploration. After a wave we close the class in a sharing circle with a warm cup of tea.
I can’t afford to pay the event but I'm open to work in exchange
Please join our Crew Team, we always can have an extra helping hand. You’ll receive a discount on the dance events or dance for free in a class. You’ll be asked to come a bit earlier before class, help us set up and pack up after class.
Cancellation (Covid) Policy

Something has come up and you won’t be able to make it to the event? 

No worries, that can happen.  We understand that sometimes illness, or other life events intervene and may prevent you from attending after you have booked. 


What to do first?

Please contact the organiser as soon as you know you cannot attend a class or workshop you have paid for, email info@didansa.life. When it’s within the 48 hours before the event you’d better SMS a text to 0475032450 or use What’s App. Don’t forget to mention your name.  


Do I get a refund?

When we offer an event, we are often securing a venue as well as staff, crew and catering for planned numbers. 

We also pay merchant fees to offer credit card facilities which we absorb into our costs, and when we refund they charge us for the transaction. To cover our time and these costs, cancellations will incur a 10% Admin fee if a refund is required. 



  • 10% is refundable – Until 48 hours before the event, no refund after.  Or we can hold your class place, as a full credit towards another class organised by DIDANSA. 
  • After 48 hours no refund possible. You’re allowed to pass on/transfer your ticket to another dancer (and they pay you). Please inform us the name(s) of who you transfer it to. 



  • 100% refundable – Up to 14 days before the event.
  • 10%  refundable – Until 48 hours before the event.
    • Please ask the organiser if there is a waiting list, there might be someone very keen on dancing instead. You’re allowed to pass on/transfer your ticket to another dancer (and they pay you) however please discuss with the organiser to ensure they meet the workshop requirements (e.g. they need to have done 5Rhythms before).
    • We can  hold your workshop place as a full credit towards another workshop organised by DIDANSA. We will notify people on the credit list whenever a workshop is announced. Many people use this system. Workshop credits cannot be transferred to weekly classes.
  • 0% refundable – After 48 hours before the event.
Why Dance with Us?

By moving and dancing, we go beyond mere enjoyment; we unlock emotions, work through challenges, and release tension and stress. These classes and workshops are made for exploration, of your body, mind, and spirit. Where you’ll learn about what moves you and find comfort in your own skin.

In a supportive group, we invite you to reconnect with yourself, trust your body, dance wholeheartedly, sweat your prayers, and embrace the dance community.

Once you arrive

I’ve never been to a class. What happens when I arrive?
When you arrive at the venue you will be asked to register with your name and contact details or check in if you’ve booked online. Pre-Booking online is recommended.
What is a good time for me to arrive?

About 20 minutes before the class starts, the venue is open for you to check-in and to prepare yourself for dance; change clothes, visit the toilet etc. When you are ready you’re welcome to enter the dancefloor quietly. There will be calming music for you to meditate, do stretches, relax and get adjusted to the space.

I'm running late, what do I do?

Please inform us when you’re running late by texting us on 047503245 and don’t forget to mention your name. The entrance door will be closed for safety shortly after the event has started.

Dance Space Etiquette

Creating a safe space for all dancers to move in, is very important to us, please respect these guidelines:


  • We come together to practise 5Rhythms.
  • We are sober, drug- and alcohol-free.
  • We are adults responsible for our own wellbeing.
  • We are aware of and respect each others’ bodies and boundaries.
  • We touch only with mutual consent.
  • We dance barefoot, in grippy socks or soft dance shoes.
  • We avoid synthetic perfumes.
  • We turn off the sound of our phones.
  • We do not take photos/video or use Shazam.
  • We communicate using movement not words.
  • We participate, we do not spectate.
  • We start and end our dance journey together.
What if I suddenly need to leave?

The door will be locked from the outside when the class starts for our own safety. To receive the most out of the class we encourage you to stay until the end of the event. However, If you have to leave early please let one of the team know.

What could happen when I hit strong emotions?
Dance provides an opportunity for you to have a look at these emotions, You’re in a safe environment to feel them, express and explore them through your dance. If needed Marjolein and the team are there to support you.
I don’t feel confident to dance in front of other people. What can I do?

You’re welcome to find yourself a place on the dancefloor that feels comfortable for you, can sit, laydown on the floor or move the body however feels good to you. This is an opportunity to explore that confidence in a safe place where others may be doing the same. If you like you can approach Marjolein before the event starts and let her know your concerns.

What music can I expect?

Marjolein’s type of music and DJ-ing is vibrant, awakening, investigative and playful. She makes use of music from all over the world and all types of styles.

Marjolein loves World Music, Electric, Club, Disco, Hip/hop, R&B, Reggae, Drumming, Trance, Techno, Funk, Jazz, Blues. Classical, Lounge, Folk and regenerative music (8D or bilateral stimulation, Solfeggio & Heart Frequencies, Mediation, Mantra’s, Nature, healing and animal sounds).
In every event there’s a mix to stimulate your senses and fascination to learn and understand your own body.

How can dancing with you help me?
I can help you to relax your body more so you are able to understand it better and how it moves.

Who & What to bring?

What do I bring?
Please bring a refillable water bottle, some curiosity and willingness to move.
Can I pay at the door?
Yes, you can pay at the door. Cash only.
I’m 65+, can I join the dance?
DIDANSA events are for all ages and abilities. There are chairs on the dancefloor for you for support. All venues are wheelchair friendly.
Can I bring a friend?
Yes, please do. What better way is there, than sharing the love for dance with friends.
Can I bring my child to dance?
Yes, bring your child if it’s interested in dance. We encourage all ages to learn to express themselves through dance. As a parent you’ll keep the responsibility for the child to be a part of the group or leave with the child when it has enough.

Dance as a practice

How many classes do you recommend?
After 3 to 4 classes you will have a good impression whether you like Marjolein’s style of teaching, the music she plays, the vibe of the class and the style is something for you at this moment.
As the 5Rhythms and Sacred Dance are both movement practices, Marjolein recommends practising regularly and giving yourself the time that you need to experience what the 5Rhythms or Sacred dance really does for you.
What could start to happen after a few dance classes?
You could start to relax and be more comfortable with moving your body and enjoy your own dance as any inhibitions that you may have could start to dissolve. You might find that it becomes easier to get out of your head and into your body, and find ways to release and relax.
Do I need dance experience to join a workshop?
It’s good to have the experience of at least one 5Rhythms class.
With workshops more than a day, at least a few 5Rhythms classes of a course is advised.
Do I need dance experience to join a Sweat Your Prayer dance?
Yes. In these dances you’ll be expected to know 5Rhythms well. There sessions are there to practise your dance by yourself, there is no guidance nor instruction given. You’ll be dancing with experienced dancers so it is important to know how to flow on the floor, interact with other dancers, your own boundaries and how to read others. You’ll support and take care of your own body as you’re aware of your part in the group and the shared responsibility of safety of the tribe.
I would love to support DIDANSA events. How do I do that?
Wonderful, you are welcome to join our team, we can always have an extra helping hand. Donations are also very welcome. Please contact us by email.